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Spring Steel
We are presenting Spring Steel range that is available in large packs or bundles for the customers varied applications. It is a hard oil quenching spring material. When it gets treat with heat, it delivers great wear resistance as well.
Alloy Steel
Our business is delivering Alloy Steel collection, which is an elevated carbon Alloy steel that obtains a great of strength with effective hardness and friction resistance. This range is a great steel for machine parts and press tools that resist wear and tear.
Plastic Mould Steel (IND/USA/EUR)
Plastic Mold Steel are used to prepare plastic molds that may include chemically aggressive or abrasive fillers. They are very effective and safe to use. They are the most popular option for mold materials that do not contain abrasives such as glass fibers or corrosive chemicals.
Alloy Steel Rods
Alloy Steel Rods are generally smaller in size and is used in a range of tasks. These steel bars will also be exceedingly light in weight. Wheels made of alloy steel are both strong and light, which is a pleasant surprise. They are very easy to use and simple to handle.
Plastic Mould Steel
High impact strength, good polishability, and good wear properties are features of the offered Plastic Mould Steel. They also exhibit good dimensional stability while heating. Among the many grades of mould steel, some will offer superior polishability or enhanced machinability.
Die Steel Blocks
Die Steel Blocks are suited for high-pressure applications, extremely corrosive environments, and other specialist applications. Our forged stainless steel blocks are widely utilized in a variety of industries. They are used in mining for oil and gas, generating electricity, and food processing in the aerospace, medical, and chemical industries.
Alloy Steel Round Bar
Alloy Steel Round Bar are available in three different finishes: annealed, hardened and tempered, and precipitation hardened. We sell all varieties of these bars in various grades and specifications. Because of their cost efficiency, they are chosen over high alloy metals and commercially pure pricey metal bars.
Steel Flat Bars
Steel Flat Bars are very easy to install as well as simple to operate. They are very safe to utilize. Because of its rectangle form, high flexibility, and range of width and length specifications, hot rolled flat steel may complete and create around hoop iron.
Spring Steel Wire
Spring Steel Wire are also used to make lawnmower components, small plane landing gear, and automobile coil springs, among other things. They are very cost-effective to use. They have the capacity to be molded, and heat-treated thereafter, making them one of the best materials for manufacturing.
Steel Round Bar
Steel round bars are sturdy cylinders composed of steel, a material that is well-known for being strong, long-lasting, and adaptable. Hot rolling or cold drawing is used to create these bars, giving them a consistent shape and smooth surface.